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Are your sliding wardrobe doors driving you mad?
Do your wardrobe doors scrape and jam, rattle or shake, fall off, need an upgrade or just don’t slide? Do you hate to get up in the morning just because you have to try and move your wardrobe doors?
Get them Wardrobe-Fix’d today!

Expert built-in sliding door wardrobe repairs

Introducing Wardrobe-Fix – We are the Sliding Door Wardrobe Repair Experts. The fact is, built-in sliding door wardrobes have been about the most difficult product to find someone to fix. People all over the world have tried to get their sliding door wardrobe fixed but generally have no success. It seems that most wardrobe or repair people just don’t want to know or don’t have the experience to fix the problem with a guaranteed end result. What’s our difference?

We can really fix them!

Sliding door wardrobe problems we can fix

Worn out or damaged wardrobe rollers and tracking systems
Doors falling off or out of the wardrobe framework
End panel coming away from the wall or track system
Broken, cracked or slipped mirror and glass doors
Edges coming away from mirror or glass doors
Collapsed internals, shelves and hanging rails
Holes or damage to wardrobe door panels
Top track falling off or coming away from the ceiling
Broken or damaged drawers and drawer runners

Cost effective wardrobe repairs to all brands of built-in sliding wardrobe doors

One of the most difficult things over many years has been trying to identify the various brands of sliding wardrobe doors. After being in the industry for over 50 years we believe we can give you the best possible options to have your sliding door wardrobe again operate at maximum efficiency even if we cannot identify the brand or age. Using a combination of old techniques and modern components, we carefully assess all of the options to give your sliding doors every chance of restoration. What’s more, repairs can be done without any of the unsightly gaps and holes that are sometimes left in the ceiling, wall framework or floor coverings when new doors have been fitted.

We are totally confident that almost all built-in sliding door wardrobes, even those that are very very old, can be successfully repaired, converted or upgraded to give many years of extra service. This can all be done at a fraction of the cost of fitting a new wardrobe or new wardrobe doors and all repairs come with a guarantee which we will advise you on at the time of quoting.

We are the sliding door wardrobe repair specialists

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequently asked wardrobe repair questions
Each wardrobe problem that we encounter will generally have different issues. This means that there isn’t a price range that will apply to every scenario. Usually it is more cost effective to repair your existing wardrobe with guaranteed results instead of replacing your doors or purchasing a complete new wardrobe.
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